How Long Do Chia Seeds Keep For


Have you ever wondered how long do Chia seeds keep for in storage? This super grain seed should be stored properly in order not to spoil and lose its ample supply of phytonutrients and its dozens of antioxidants.Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are effective in enabling a person to fight against diseases and even prevent cancer and other negative health conditions to proliferate or develop.

This seed is highly filled with different vitamins and minerals.

If kept properly, Chia seeds can last for longer periods of time and can certainly provide good amount of calcium, potassium, iron supplement, copper, magnesium contents, zinc and even niacin.

The best part of Chia seed intake is the fact that it is a good source of different amino acids as well as omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6. It contains a lot of fiber contents plus different powerful antioxidant properties that are fatigue fighting and cancer fighting contents.

Therefore, if you want to know how long Chia seeds are kept for lasting and sufficient effects, let’s find out so we too can preserve and store this power seed properly.

How To Prepare And Consume Chia Seeds

Chia seed enthusiasts know that this seed has a nutty flavor that makes it enjoyable and deliciously tempting to eat. This seed can be sprinkled if you are usually eating cereals.

You can sprinkle Chia seeds in your cereals or yogurt; you can even make it as part of your salad ingredient and even include it in your afternoon snack.

chia seedIf you are fond of inventing a new smoothie recipe from time to time, the use of Chia seed is also commendable.

However, before using it to form a smoothie, have you ever thought on how long must Chia seeds be kept for effective preservation of its active nutrients?

The good news is, Chia seeds can be stored for months as long as it is placed in a dark container or in a plastic container with its lid in a tight fitting lock in order for its antioxidant properties to be preserved.

Now, if you have stored your Chia seeds properly and prefer to make it into smoothie, simply take it out of its dark container and grind it efficiently until refined and add it to your fruit smoothie.

You can mix the grinded Chia seeds in your smoothie or even add it in your cookies or whatever style you want. If you want to be adventurous, you can try mixing Chia seeds with your yogurt and even form a jelly food with Chia seeds in it!

Correct Storage Of Chia Flour

Chia flour or otherwise known as ground Chia seeds are also used by a lot of Chia lovers. This can be placed in a plastic container or even in a glass with a tight cap or lid.

It can be stored in your refrigerator, in your cool pantry as long as it is in a dark and dry place. Just like Chia seeds, the use of Chia flour can last up to several months without it turning into rancid.So how long do Chia seeds must be kept for storage? Again, it will run for several months without losing its nutrients.

Chia Seeds Shelf Life

Chia Seeds Shelf LifeThe fact that Chia seeds are non-GMO, it means it is not usually sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals making it last for months and even years!

Yes, the truth is, Chia seeds shelf life can last for 2 to 4 years without the need of placing it inside your refrigerator.

However, how long can you keep Chia seeds for its nutrients to last? Some experts believe that if you refrigerate the seeds, it can last for 4 years and more without spoiling its nutrients.

This is why it is well loved by families who want to pile foods for months and will only do grocery once in a month! Chia seeds are perfect due to its nutritious contents yet impressive and longer shelf life.

The reason behind its longer shelf life is because of its antioxidant contents. Whether you refrigerate your Chia seed or not, as long as you store it in a cool dry place or at room temperature,

you are assured your Chia seed will last for a long time even if you seal the container or not. However, for best results it is better to refrigerate and seal it to make it last even longer!

The Safety Of Chia Seed Intake

When it comes to safety, you don’t have to worry about consuming Chia seeds that have been in storage for years. It will be good as new; it will surely not come with negative side effects unless taken in very large amounts. Safety is your least concern when it comes to Chia seeds as it is built to last for many years.


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  1. Hi there, I was wondering how long chia seeds will last after being soaked without adding any kind of preservative. Just water and chia seeds?

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