Can Chia Seeds Cause Diarrhea In People?


Chia seeds actually come from the chia plant, and this is a member of the mint family.

This plant and the seeds were prized for their nutritional value long before anybody ever heard of chia plants. In fact, Native Americans used them fr nutritional and medicinal purposes hundreds of years ago.

These seeds have a couple of properties that help digestion, and these include fiber and hydration.

chiaSome people may wonder if chia seeds cause diarrhea because of these digestive properties.

In some cases, people might experience looser stools at first.

This really cannot be directly blamed on chia seeds, but it might be a sign that your body needs to be cleansed.

What’s In Chia Seeds?

Scientific studies have demonstrated that most Americans do not include enough fiber in their daily diet.

These seeds may be one good way to increase fiber intake without eating a lot more food. In addition, consumed correctly, these seeds can help people remain hydrated, especially during periods of intense activity.

chia seedsBoth fiber and proper hydration can help people have regular bowel movements.

But this is far different than causing unpleasant symptoms like loose stools.

The seeds also contain powerful amount of anti-oxidants, and these are nutrients that help the body rid itself of toxins. These toxins might be finally eliminated through the body’s elimination system.

Do Chia Seeds Cause Diarrhea?

A blanket answer to this questions is that this is an uncommon symptom of consuming these seeds. In most people, it is not likely to be caused by consuming the seeds themselves.

They may help people who have the opposite problem, constipation, have regular bowel movements. This is simply because they contain fiber and get help with hydration. It is not because they contain any stimulant that causes more bowel movements.

How To Consume Chia Seeds

It is important to make sure you consume these seeds with liquid. This is because the seeds absorb a lot of liquid. In fact, this is one of the reasons that ancient Mexican Indians relied upon them to help prevent dehydration during long and hot marches.

images (4)It is also a reason that these seeds are included in natural energy drinks and gels. They are a natural hydration supplement when consumed with liquid.

Taken with a liquid, the seeds absorb it, and they help it get released more slowly so it is not just quickly urinated out of the body.

In other words, Chia seeds can help prevent thirst if consumed with water before the start of a lot of activity.

Because of this, they are less likely to cause diarrhea than they are to cause constipation if not consumed correctly.

When can these seeds cause loose stools? At first, some users might experience looser stool. This should not be directly blamed upon the seeds.

It is more of a sign that a body is using these seeds to cure itself of an infection or rid itself of toxins. After an adjustment period, a healthy person should revert back to normal.

As you know, diarrhea is sometimes the body’s natural way of ridding itself of toxins and diseases. May symptoms that you associate with disease are not caused by the actual disease, but they are caused by the body’s natural defense mechanisms in reaction to the injury or insult.

bodyTwo tools that your body needs in order to heal itself and cleanse are fiber and anti-oxidants.Think of these like natural detergents for your internal organs.

If you have been consuming a typical American diet, you probably have not eaten enough fiber in the past.

This means that your colon has collected a lot of, excuse the term, “crap.” This is not healthy, and it would be better to get rid of it.

If you first start consuming chia seeds with water, you have finally given your body what it needs to clean itself out. That means that your body might react by cleaning house. At first, you could experienced an increased number of bowel movements.

In some cases, these might be looser than usual because your body is finally getting a chance to send the extra hydration and fiber down to do its job of cleaning out your digestive system.

After you have adjusted, this should stop. You should go back to normal. If you were having digestive problems before, you should even enjoy more regularity.

Chia Seeds As always, this might not be true of every single person. If you have a sensitive digestive system, it is possible that chia seeds are not the right solution for you.

You might see your doctor to find out if there is anther health problem that you would be prudent to address.

In general, chia seeds to not directly cause people to suffer from diarrhea when they are consumed correctly.


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