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The Aztecs And Mayans Use Chia Seeds

And the terra-cottas create their figurines about Chia seeds. The people begin to eat the little pill similar to eating flax or sesame, and their hair turned green, their eyes suddenly grew wide with amazement. They flex their muscles and make a pose and suddenly, they became healthy and strong. The Mayan guy screams in pain as his joints are aching, and his family carries him on fours to the nearest witch-doctor to treat his ailments. The witch doctor pops out his can of chia seeds and gives them to the poor fellow, all of a sudden his aches are gone. The Mayan jumps for joy and so does his family. And the witch-doctor dances and says a few words Buy Chia Seeds now!

Chia Seeds On Ancient Times

Chia seeds play a vital role in basic survival ration of Aztec warriors, they are even used in some religious ceremonies of these people. It is said that a single spoon of this tiny little pill could sustain a person. For medicinal purposes the Aztecs have used them in relieving pains in their joints and their skin conditions. It was banned in Mexico at the 16th century for reasons of them being related to pagan practices. But over the past decades, thanks to commercial production of Latin Americans we are able to see its benefits and Buy Chia Seeds.

Chia Seeds History & Nutrition – Superfoods from Biobites on Vimeo.



Chia seeds provide fiber. And eating enough fiber is vital to keeping your colon/intestines clean, balancing your body sugar and might even help you in your weight reduction problems. After working out, your body may need several nutrients, minerals and antioxidants to build up those biceps and six-packs. Buy Chia Seeds, because it has everything you need to stay healthy, fit and strong. Adding this little pill to your diet Is also a great way to improve you nutritional intake.


Incorporating Other Methods Of Using Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can be used as a food preparation as it has been approved by the European Union in 2009. It may be added to a topping, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt etc. More advanced incorporation of the product involved the Chia Pet, which are clay figures of popular icons filled with seeds. As they are watered the chia pet grows to a plant resembling the popular icon. Buy Chia Seeds now and incorporate it in your life as a food preparation, a houseplant and an additive.


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