All About Chia Seeds And Prevention And Treatment Of Osteoporosis


As a general tonic and support for overall good health, you would be hard pressed to find any single substance that could come even close to delivering the benefits conferred by Chia seeds. “Chia” is an ancient Mayan word meaning “strength”, and when it comes to the benefits of this super food, strength is certainly right at the top of the list.

It turns out this is especially true in terms of bone strength. While Chia seeds provide a host of vitamins, minerals, fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids and other ingredients that support vibrant overall health, their performance in promoting good bone strength is definitely unparalleled in the world of supplements and super foods. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which Chia can help you build and maintain strong bones. Read on to learn more.

The Ancient Mayans Believed It And Modern Science Proves It!

omega 3The scientific name for Chia is salvia hispanica. Over 3000 years ago, the ancient Mayans believed this mighty little seed could impart great strength and benefits.

Today, modern science is proving this to be true. Chia is filled with micronutrients, low in carbohydrates and a marvelous source of high quality proteins and dietary fat.

In addition to delivering a powerful punch in terms of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Chia is also a powerhouse source of vitamins and minerals, especially manganese, phosphorus and calcium. All of these are necessary for excellent bone health.

Get Healthy Bones With The Calcium, Phosphorus & Manganese Found In Chia Seeds

chia seedsCALCIUM: An ounce of Chia seeds provides a full eighteen percent of the USDA minimum daily requirement of calcium. Ounce for ounce, Chia seeds deliver five times the amount of calcium found in milk. This is high quality calcium that is more readily absorbed and kinder in terms of karma than the calcium found in cow’s milk.

In addition to preventing osteoporosis, consumption of ample amounts of high quality calcium also boost your metabolism and help you maintain an appropriate weight level. This is very important when dealing with bone and joint health.

PHOSPHORUS: An ounce of Chia seeds also provides twenty seven percent of the USDA minimum daily requirement of phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus work in concert to repair and build strong bones. In fact, on its own calcium will not do much to fend off osteoporosis, but when paired with phosphorus it provides powerful protection. Phosphorus also helps boost your metabolism and helps your body produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is an important source of energy for your muscles.

Chia SeedsMANGANESE: The third member of the trifecta of bone health is manganese. You will find thirty percent of the RDA in an ounce of Chia seeds. Manganese, phosphorus and calcium all work together to keep your skeleton strong.

Manganese also supports the production of calcium for strong and healthy wound healing. It supports pituitary function and helps prevent and even treat Parkinson’s disease.

Trace Minerals, Boron & Strontium, Support Excellent Bone Health

In addition to manganese, phosphorus and calcium, Chia seeds also contain the trace mineral, boron. This helps promote calcium transfer from blood to bones. Another trace mineral, strontium, is also abundant in Chia seeds. Strontium has been shown to improve bone density in osteoporosis patients in two studies conducted since the year 2000.

Healthy Joints Support Strong Bones

Chia SeedsBecause of its anti-inflammatory properties, Chia also supports joint health for patients with arthritis. Good joint health can mean the ability to exercise more. Regular, weight bearing exercise (e.g. walking) is essential to developing and maintaining strong, healthy bones.

In fact, for proper bone health exercise is essential. The bones are in a constant state of dissolution and rebuilding. We are only just learning that, similar to muscle strength, bone strength is dependent upon stress (i.e. exercise). People who are able to exercise regularly build bigger, stronger muscles and bones.

Chia Seeds Provide Excellent Nutritional Value For Your Dollar

All of these benefits and more are conferred by just an ounce of Chia seeds a day. Other qualities of Chia seeds contribute to good heart health, excellent digestion and the prevention of a host of serious health conditions, including diabetes and cancer. It’s easy to see that the addition of a small amount of Chia to your daily diet (just an ounce) can add up to some big benefits for your joints and bones and glowing good health.


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